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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Convo Schedule

Oregon Lutheran Youth Organization - Convo

12:30pm Registration Opens Bloch
1:00 Opening Worship Ballroom (w/SA)
3:15 Intro to the Weekend Suite
4:00 Churchwide Presentation Ballroom (w/SA)
4:45 Roundtable Discussions Various Locations
6:00 Dinner Suite
7:15 Shane Claiborne Presentation Ballroom (w/SA)
8:30 Dessert and Vespers Ballroom (w/SA)
9:30 Group Fellowship Time Bloch/Suite
11:00 Devotion Suite
11:30pm In Room and Quiet In (own) Rooms

7:30am Breakfast Available Suite
8:30 Morning Prayer and Shane Claiborne Ballroom (w/SA)
9:30 Break/Free Time (including lunch)
10:00  Optional Workshop (Panel Discussion- Ballroom)
11:00  Optional Workshop (see schedule)
Noon Lunch and Free Time (Interviews)
2:00 OLYO Business
Guests and Conversations
6:00 Get ready for Banquet
6:45 Meet before Banquet Bloch/
7:00 Banquet Ballroom (w/SA)
9:00 Fellowship Time Bloch/Suite/Pool
11:00 Devotions Suite
11:30pm In Room and Quiet In (own) Rooms

7:30am Breakfast, Pack-up Suite/Rooms
9:00 Installation of Officers/OLYO Report Ballroom (w/SA)
10:00 Final meeting together Suite
10:30 Closing Worship Synod Assembly

Things to keep in mind:
o   First and foremost: We are here as representatives of our youth groups, congregations, the Oregon Synod, and the whole Body of Christ. We should act in a way that reflects that, by
o   respecting other hotel guests
o   respecting the process and activities that will take place this weekend
o   respecting hotel property, and that of others
o   participating with your best efforts
o   keeping a positive attitude (attitude is everything!)
o   Be flexible
o   When leaving the hotel, stay in groups of 3 or more
o   Rooms: We have plenty of space to hang out, so it probably isn’t necessary to hang out in guest rooms. However, if it’s necessary to be in a room other than your own, groups of 3.
o   Be IN YOUR ROOM after devotions, if you need snacks, sodas, etc, do it before Midnight
o   Basically it’s about common sense, you’re here as a leader, and by being here (and signing the covenant) you agree to be held to a higher standard.
o   If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask! (Lisa’s Cell: 503-481-7966)

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