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Monday, January 31, 2011

OLYO Middle School Rally


Join us this March 5-6 for the Middle School Rally.

We'll be hosted by Emmaus Lutheran Church in Eugene, Oregon.

Registration starts at 10am Saturday morning, and because we pack our time full of fun, we encourage everyone to arrive between 10 and 10:30am. If you're coming from a distance we can help you find churches in the area, or along the way that would be willing to host your group Friday night.

We'll end our time together with worship on Sunday morning.


Check back here for more information and tentative schedule!

Click here for Flier
Click here for Registration Forms

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is OLYO? (and some other questions)

What is OLYO?
OLYO stands for Oregon Lutheran Youth Organization and it is part of the ELCA’s nationwide Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO). Each of the ELCA's 65 synods are asked/expected to implement and support a model of peer leadership, the idea being that each synod would have an entity similar to our OLYO Board that would help to engage, lead, and empower the Lutheran youth of that state. But OLYO is NOT just students in leadership. Every young person who is part of an ELCA congregation in Oregon is part of OLYO. 

What's so special about the OLYO events?
The OLYO events are specially planned and organized to include lots of fun fellowship time so that youth from all over Oregon can get to know one another and find mutual encouragement. Each event includes time for games, discussion around engaging subject matter, worship, and usually an opportunity for service. Another very unique aspect of the OLYO gatherings is that they are planned and led BY youth FOR youth. An OLYO event is both an opportunity for those in leadership (the OLYO Officers) to exercise and expand gifts for leadership, as well as an opportunity for the youth at the gathering to experience peer ministry, and hopefully be inspired to find ways to exercise their own gifts for leadership and ministry at the event and after!

What is the OLYO Board?
The OLYO Board provides leadership for the larger OLYO body. There are eight OLYO Officers elected each year at the Convo that happens concurrently with Oregon Synod Assembly. The role of the OLYO Board is to plan and provide leadership for the High School Gathering (in the Fall), the Middle School Rally (in the Spring) and the help plan the Convo. OLYO Officers also try to connect with as many congregations and individual students as possible. This year's OLYO Board is:
Hayden Smothers - President
Alex Horsey- Vice President
Katie Shearer - Communications Coordinator
Shelby Van Leuven - Secretary
Brandie Melhorn - Representative to Synod Council
Tyler Tompkins - Co-Inclusive Ministry Advocate
Natalie Carlisle- Co-Inclusive Ministry Advocate
Torri Grose- Member-at-Large
Isabella Kenny - Member-at-Large

How can I be a part of OLYO?
All youth in ELCA congregations, all over Oregon ARE part of OLYO. We hope that as many of these youth as possible will join us in gathering together at our various events throughout the year.

How can I be a part of the OLYO Board?
Each candidate must meet the following criteria:
o       Be an active member of an ELCA congregation
o       Be in grades 9-11 at time of election (in some cases 8th graders can be considered for a position)
o       Submit a completed Officer Application
o       Give a two-minute presentation to the youth assembly at Convo 
o       An interview with OLYO Adult Advisor(s), prior to election
o       Provide a reference (preferably from Pastor or Youth Leader).